April Showers Bring May Flowers

We’ve all heard this rhyme at some point in our life, often learned in grade school and almost always repeated every April, but did you know that phrase dates all the way back to the mid 1500’s, originally written by poet Thomas Tusser as “Sweet April showers do bring May flowers.” During the wettest days of April, we often say this phrase as almost a reassurance that better days are ahead. At different times in our life, we all could use that same reassurance. Whether it’s through our faith or other belief systems, we need that feeling of hope when the skies seem forever grey. 

Watching our pets face health challenges can keep us in that dark cloud mentality. It’s hard caring for a little being that can’t tell us what hurts or how they feel. We rely on the medical care from professionals who treat these issues every day. We put our faith, belief and trust into their hands. I know the feeling of wanting to do everything and anything for our precious babies. Izzie was never “just a dog” and I didn’t liked it when others made me feel that way. Worse yet, people who aren’t dog owners or dog lovers can’t seem to comprehend the cost of specialized medical care. It doesn’t come cheap, but that’s what we signed up for when we brought home our furbaby, right? We intended to care for them – all the way till the end… but sometimes life gets in the way. Job loss, new baby, unforeseen expenses that have challenged you financially. Now, it feels like the options have become so limited. All of a sudden, scary options like surrendering a pet – or worse – are now the solution. 

That’s where The Izzie Fund can assist – we want to help loving and caring dog owners keep their family intact – making sure ALL family members get the medical care they need. The Izzie Fund relies 100% on generous hearts and donations to advance our mission and cause. Every dollar helps, so please consider helping us assist those in need. Your donation is 100% tax deductible too. Finally, if you are struggling and life seems grey and gloomy, know that better days are always ahead. Winds change directions and the clouds will give way to sunnier days. Hope is like that May flower just waiting to bloom!