Meet Mac

Mac went from acting normal to panting and acting agitated. He struggled to sleep that night and couldn’t walk down the stairs in the morning. After receiving an emergency MRI, it was determined he had a spinal disc problem that required immediate surgery. Over the course of 48 hours, Mac went from playing at the park to being in surgery. 

Mac’s post-surgery treatment has been an uphill battle. Very slowly, but surely over the month following his surgery, Mac was able to regain some great functions: he could stand up on his own, take small steps, and have full autonomy over going to the bathroom. Unfortunately, Mac’s recovery hit a plateau about 60 days post-surgery, at which point he was cleared to begin additional therapies. 

With the financial support of The Izzie Fund, Mac began his therapy sessions with Steel City Canine Rehab including hydrotherapy and laser therapy. He is also utilizing other treatment methods like acupuncture, a wheelchair, and seeking the help/support from neurologists and other IVDD owners… including Gerald’s mom!

Please send all the positive vibes Mac’s way and consider donating to The Izzie Fund so that we can continue to keep families together…one dog at a time!

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