What Does Support Look Like?

My dad always said it doesn’t cost anything to smile and be friendly. What he really meant – or the lesson he tried to teach us – was when you need people the most, you’ll find out who is truly there for you.  Yes, a bit cynical, but in a world full of surface relationships, there is truth in his words.  When stressful times hit, you learn to appreciate those who show up and check in on you. 

When I launched The Izzie Fund in March, I had people reach out to ask how they can help. Attorneys offering their services, marketing specialists helping with social media, family/ friends/neighbors… all helping me plan, and a co-worker securing a pro bono photographer for our first event! I received amazing advice and offers to set me up with connections that can help advance our cause and purpose.

KDKA reached out to do a feature story (watch it here). Following our event on June 11th, I started to receive messages from new friends of The Izzie Fund, offering to get involved and join our journey.

Starting a charity was not part of my plan, but this is where life has taken me. This is where Izzie has taken me. Working full-time while trying to make a difference outside of office hours is, at times, overwhelming. Admittedly, I am learning as I go, determine to provide hope for those in need. Meeting people in the community who share my passion has been energizing. Knowing there are others out there that believe in the mission of The Izzie Fund melts my heart! It makes the long nights, short weekends and limited sleep all worth it! For those of you who have reached out and offered to help me, I want to say Thank YOU! I may not know how you can help just yet, but your support means the world to me. p.s. I will find you a job!

Finally, I know that gaining brand awareness for The Izzie Fund is my journey, but it feels a lot better when people are cheering along the way. Please consider subscribing to the Blog (it’s super easy, I promise!), liking/sharing our posts and donating. I’m smart enough to know I can’t do this alone and I’ll take all the SUPPORT I can get at this stage!