About Meghan

Meghan Brown


Meghan grew up in Pittsburgh surrounded by dogs but never had one of her own. Meghan was one of the many who welcomed a Covid fur-baby into her home in the middle of a pandemic… a “Labradobedane” puppy named Luna. A year and a half later, Luna began experiencing health problems that required specialty care. After several months of vet appointments, blood work, ultrasounds and tests, Luna is back to her energetic and playful self! Seeing the financial burden first hand, Meghan knew she wanted to be a part of The Izzie Fund team to help raise awareness and funds for the cause.

After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University, Meghan began her career in Technology. Her passion for continuous learning and all things dog has made her an invaluable member of the Izzie team! From website design to creating branded swag, she has been instrumental in helping build brand awareness of the charity! Meghan is also in charge of planning and coordinating all of our events.