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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh non-profit organization is keeping families together one dog at a time. 

The Izzie Fund just turned one! 

The organization provides financial support to pet owners whose dogs need medical care, but can’t afford it. 

They currently support two pups, Gerald and Hank, who are on their road to recovery. 

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“This McCandless woman’s French bulldog may be gone, but The Izzie Fund keeps giving.”

Victoria Chester Rose and Izzie were so close that the French bulldog was the flower girl in her wedding.

When Izzie was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in December 2020, Rose made sure she got every available treatment, regardless of the cost.

Izzie died in February 2021.

In her dog’s memory, the McCandless woman earlier this year launched The Izzie Fund, which will help dog owners pay for the cost of specialized veterinarian care. The fund began on what would have been Izzie’s 16th birthday.

KDKA Sunday Spotlight

We are so honored for The Izzie Fund to be featured! Find out how this new charity is helping keep families together.