Request Assistance

The Izzie Fund will issue gifts to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements that are align to the organization’s mission, vision, and purpose. The grant issuance selections will be determined by the Board of Directors after receipt and appropriate vetting of required and supplemental documentation from the requestor (i.e., an application and supporting documents). The process of issuing grants will be performed for family pets within the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region.

The Izzie Fund exists to provides financial assistance to family owned pets in need of specialty veterinary care to those unable to afford the full cost of the recommended treatment plan. We are here to help with medical conditions that are above and beyond basic and general veterinarian care.  We are here to help when there are tough decisions to be made due to lack of financial resources.  

We are a small organization with limited funding and we are unable to help every applicant (even though we would love to)!  

Important – please review the below guidelines before applying.

Please complete the below form to request Financial assistance.

As part of our process, you will complete a more detailed application and be required to submit supporting documentation. 

Our commitment is to treat all applicants with fairness, dignity and communicate within a timely manner.