Meet Hank

Hank was meant to be a service dog for a U.S. Veteran, until he diagnosed with idiopathic cranial nerve palsy, resulting in epileptic seizures. During one of his seizures, Hank fell down a flight of stairs damaging his knees in both hind legs.

Hank’s mama rushed to start a GoFundMe account that helped pay for his first surgery. As she worried about where to find the funds for his second surgery, she was referred to The Izzie Fund.

With our support, Hank is now scheduled for his second surgery on April 3, 2023 and his mama can focus on what’s important – his recovery. We are pleased to relieve some of her stress regarding the financial burden.

We know first hand the stress that comes from caring for a family member in need. THIS is The Izzie Fund! Keeping families together, one dog at a time.

Ever wonder what The Izzie Fund does? This. Is. It! We provide hope to those in need.  We keep families together. We keep dogs out of shelters. WE SAVE LIVES.

Will you lend a paw and help an animal in need?